Digital Health Services

Tele Consultation: Aform of primary care, where the patient seeks the doctor's advice at Digital Village center about non-emergency medical problems which don't require immediate doctor's location visit. It doesn't replace face-to-face consultation when it is needed, but complements it.

Considering the nature of CSC-SPV operational mode the delivery of the service will be digital. The consultation with the patient will happen utilizing the tele-medicine platform developed by CSC-SPV through Video conferencing.

Medicine post prescription will be delivered through Common Service Centers.

It's proposed to provide 5 tele-consultations (One History+4 Follow-Ups) per individual for the duration of one year.

Veterinary Tele consultation:

We all know the importance of cattle in the villages for their livelihood, so we are looking forward to arrange a system through which the villages can avail the consultation of an expert Veterinarian from the centralized location.

Villagers come with their Cattle/pet in the CSC Centre, where by using the digital platform doctor get connected with the cattle and cattle owner through video conferencing. On the basis of findings doctor prescribed easily available medicine.

Veterinary Tele consultation